Mortgages For Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizen who is interested in purchasing a second home in the US, you will need to do a little bit of digging to actually find a lender who will lend to Canadian citizens.  Many lenders will not, but Superior Mortgage Lending will. 

One of the most popular retirement plans for many people who live in Canada is to buy a winter home in one of the “sand states” like Florida, Nevada, Arizona or California.  As a result of the real estate crash, many of of the locations in these states have seen property values decline by as much as 60% from what they were just a few years ago – and as a result it becomes even more attractive for Canadian citizens to look at buying a winter home somewhere warm like Las Vegas! 

Mortgages For Canadian Citizens: 

• 2 Letters of Credit from Canada 
• Loan amounts up to $3 Million
• Cash Out Allowed Up to $1,500,000
• Loans up to 65% of value
• Adjustable and Fixed Rate options available 
• Full Documentation Required – Income/Assets
• Minimum Loan Amount $100,000
• Single Family Homes, Condominiums, Townhomes or Condotels Allowed 
• Competitive Rates