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Dennis Scarberry

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Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dennis Scarberry,

I have enjoyed a lifetime of business, financial, and entrepreneurial experience. As a Branch Manager for a large U.S. Bank, I made many loans for many different purposes.

It was many times frustrating as good people were unable to secure financing for their homes because of the stringent, inflexible underwriting standards of the banks. Another problem with the banks is that they can only offer loan solutions and programs that are cookie-cutter in nature, that a loan applicant MUST fit into.

I had to deliver many an underwriters negative decision to a lot of good people, that maybe had a tough stretch or got behind a payment or two, but recovered. Who in Nevada hasn’t had a bit of that in the last few years? If it wasn’t you personally, you at least know someone who had to make major life changes or other drastic adjustments due to the home crisis, poor economy, or job loss.

These are just a few of the reasons that I am very happy to be with Superior Mortgage Loans here in Las Vegas. Superior is a broker and we find lenders to suit the customers, rather than clients who are only suited for the loan programs offered.

With this type of flexibility to originate home loans ranging from Conventional, FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgages, Re-Finances, and Home Equity products, we can find you the lender with the best terms for the product that best suits your personal home financing needs. (see attached flyer)

Superior Mortgage Lending features NO Origination Fees! NO Underwriting Fees! Many lenders charge additional Origination Fees over and above what the Lender is already paying the Originator anyway. At Superior, we do no such thing. We are paid by the Lender… NOT the Borrower. These two features alone can save you thousands of dollars on your Home Mortgage Loan.

Anyone who has worked with me or knows me, understands that I care very much about my clients and provide the best in personal and attentive service, while always doing what is best for my clients.

Whether it is for yourself, a friend, or family member, I will give my best every time so you may be confident when referring clients to me.

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